Does the person using the bed get wet?

No. The user will remain completely dry and fully clothed during his or her massage.

Do I have to assemble the bed?

No, just uncrate the bed, fill it up with distilled water as per your instruction manual and plug the bed into an outlet. That’s all there is to it!

Is there any routine maintenance required?

We recommend that the water should be changed every 9 months. The vapour barrier should be changed every two years.

What electrical specifications do I need?

The 110 series requires 110v/15 Amp (Dedicated circuit). The 220 series requires 220v/240v/15, 20, or 25 Amp (Dedicated circuit).

What is the cost of operating the massage bed?

The H2O Massage System is very inexpensive to operate. For a 30 minute session the cost would be approximately 20-30 cents per hour.

Do you have a Smart Card System?

Yes, we use a computer chip key that will keep track of time, number of sessions, time left, etc. This is a permanent key that we can reprogram and save you money in the long run.

If I buy the bed how do I sell the service?

Every bed that leaves our plant has a complete sales and marketing package that will help you sell the service to your customers. if you need any ideas or help, you can always call us at, 1-866-783-0668, or contact us via email.

What is the H2OMassage Systems warranty?

H2O Massage Systems offers a comprehensive five year tub and frame warranty, and a two year mechanical warranty, as well as a 90 days labour warranty.

Are there medical benefits to using an H2O Massage Systems Bed?

Yes, check out our massage therapy information sheet, or go to the Health Benefits page to view the list.

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